Kiyoya Miso, Soy-sauce brewary

株式会社 喜代屋

Manufacture of Miso, Soy-sauce and fermented food that foundation in 1918.

Its  a company that keeps tradition in the Shimabara ,
where is clean water and sky,also contine to make local taste.

“Soy sauce soft cream” could be buy only in the direct sals shop,
Its most popular stuff !!
Some customer  came from other prefecture to get it.

We join to big event in February and October
“ Kura (brewery ) tour festival” every year.
Its going to be so fun, come enjoy the festival !!
Try and taste our local food !

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南島原市 859-2202 Minamishimabara, Nagasaki JP
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◉ Open hour 9:00 a.m 〜 5:00 p.m ◉Closed Every Sunday , Public holiday Saturday ( 2nd and 4th)