Sezumesaki Light house


Sezumesaki Light house

A light house located at the southern end of Shimabara Peninsula.
It is facing Amakusa Shimojima across Hayasaki-do with a width of about 5 km,
and watches the safety of the voyage as a lighthouse showing the entrance of Ariake Sea.
Hayasaki Seto is the entrance to the Ariake Sea, and it is counted as one of the three major trends in Japan. At the high tide in March and June, the speed of the tide will be up to 7 knots and you can see brave eddy tides of 20 m in diameter.
The sunset view of Tachibana Bay from the Setaguzaki lighthouse, the sea surface sparkle, it is very beautiful and wraps people gently.
Also, the origin of the lighthouse is also a fishing point and on local holidays, local fishing boasts enjoying land fishing.

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